Apple rushes out fix to Telugu letter text bomb bug

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Apple device owners need to install an update to protect their devices Apple has tackled a bug that causes its devices to freeze if they encounter a specific character from the Telugu alphabet – a language native to India. Following the glitch’s discovery, pranksters had used the symbol on […]

Facebook ads boss in fake news Twitter storm

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Some examples of the messages thought to have been posted by Russia-backed trolls were released in 2017 Facebook’s vice-president of adverts has been criticised for tweeting that Russian-bought ads had not been designed to sway the US election. Rob Goldman’s tweet was retweeted by President Donald Trump. His view contradicted […]

Magic Leap: Will device replace smartphones?

YOU might think you can’t live without your smartphone, but tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook expect you to do just that in the not-too-distant future. The titans of the tech industry are pouring billions into developing the device they think will replace our beloved smartphones — and the race is on to usher […]

Councils ‘unprepared’ for cyber-attacks, report says

Image copyright Getty Images More than 25% of UK councils have had their computer systems breached in the past five years, campaigners say. A report by privacy group Big Brother Watch based on freedom of information requests found 114 councils experienced at least one incident between 2013 and 2017. The group said it was “shocked” […]

‘Upskirting’ should be criminal offence, campaigners say

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionUpskirting made me feel “so humiliated” – Liv Moore The government should criminalise “upskirting” as a sexual offence, say campaigners, after police data showed one complainant was 10 years old. The practice of covertly photographing under the skirts of women is not recognised as a specific offence […]

Exposed Amazon cloud storage clients get tip-off alerts

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Classified Pentagon data was left exposed for years on a publicly accessible server Security researchers have posted “friendly warnings” to users of Amazon’s cloud data storage service whose private content has been made public, the BBC has learned. The BBC found almost 50 warnings posted to the firm’s servers. […]

Global Consumer Smart Wearables Market Projections 2018- Jawbon

Global Consumer Smart Wearables Market Research Report studies the progress performance of the Consumer Smart Wearables industry. The report estimates forthcoming Consumer Smart Wearables opportunities between the period 2018-2022. Likewise, the Consumer Smart Wearables market study provides a competitive overview of demand drivers. First, the Consumer Smart Wearables report illustrates a conventions, terminologies, and notations. […]

New Skin-like Wearable Tech Puts Heartbeat Monitor On User’s Hand

Heartbeat Tattoo.Micael Faccio/Flickr Tuesday, February 20, 2018 4:52 AM UTC Athletes and active people have a tremendous access to their vitals these days thanks to wearables like Fitbit or other smart wearables, which allow them to see things like heart rate and blood pressure. However, researchers recently created an ultra-thin, elastic sheet that can basically […]

How lasers and robo-feeders are transforming fish farming

Image copyright Bjorgolfur Havarosson Image caption Technology in these salmon cages monitors fish behaviour to determine if they are fully fed Fish farming is big business – the industry now produces about 100 million tonnes a year – and with salmon prices soaring, producers are turning to lasers, automation and artificial intelligence to boost production […]

Nokia, Fitbit Make Moves On Wearables 02/19/2018

The wearables market has been evolving, creating challenges for some of the companies in it. Nokia just announced it’s conducting a ‘review of strategic options’ for its wearables business, which is part of Nokia Technologies. The company has been selling hybrid smart watches, scales and other digital health devices. Nokia said the review may result […]

Patient’s chest rebuilt with 3D print after tumour surgery

Image copyright ABMU Health Board Image caption The implant was originally supposed to have been screwed in. But as the bone was narrow and soft there was a chance it could break so Mr Goldsmith sewed it into place instead. A man has had his chest rebuilt using 3D printing technology during an operation to […]

Using wearables to light up the politics of Manchester

Next month people will take to the streets of Manchester, clad in sensors and LED lights, holding their fists in the air. These people will be participants in a public performance, and each gesture a vote cast about the city’s future.   The project, called Supergestures, is the result of a series of workshops with young […]

Facebook to seek verification by post for election ads

Image copyright Getty Images Facebook plans to send postcards in the US mail in order to verify the location of people requesting to buy adverts related to US election candidates. Katie Harbath, a director at Facebook, said at a conference that a postcard would be sent to the advertiser’s address with a code, which they […]

Dark web paedophile Matthew Falder jailed for 32 years

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionMoment paedophile with ‘rap sheet from hell’ arrested A “warped and sadistic” paedophile who blackmailed victims and shared abuse tips and images on the dark web has been jailed for 32 years. Cambridge graduate Matthew Falder, 29, admitting 137 charges, including rape, against 46 people, some of […]

Plans drawn up for world’s tallest wooden skyscraper

Image copyright Sumitomo Forestry A Japanese company is planning to build the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper, to mark its 350th anniversary in 2041. Sumitomo Forestry said 10% of the 70-storey W350 tower would be steel, combined with about 180,000 cubic metres of indigenous wood, enough to build about 8,000 homes, and trees and foliage on […]

Next generation of smart wearables

Wearables have been often termed as the next big thing in the world of computers. However, the current crops of wearable devices haven’t been able to garner a substantial amount of demand, primarily due to high prices and uncomfortable form factors. All fitness bands and smartwatches are good enough for a few hours before your […]

Probe after ‘drone made helicopter crash’

Image copyright DJI Image caption A DJI Phantom drone is believed to have been involved in the incident Investigations have been launched after a helicopter reportedly crashed after swerving to avoid a consumer drone. A trainee had been practising hovering about 15m (50ft) above trees on Daniel Island, South Carolina, reported the Charleston Post and […]

Wearable throat sensor holds promise for stroke rehabilitation The Engineer

A new wearable throat sensor promises to improve stroke rehabilitation by measuring a patient’s ability to swallow and patterns of speech. The throat sensor is designed to minimise irritation on sensitive skin The sensor, developed in the lab of Northwestern University engineering professor John A Rogers, in partnership with Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, joins similar stretchable […]

Breakthrough: New wearable tech designed to aid stroke recovery treatment | health

A new stretchable electronics has been found for stroke recovery treatment which has proven to be a game changer. A groundbreaking new wearable designed to be worn on the throat could have been developed in the field of stroke rehabilitation in the Northwestern University. The new technology’s sensor is the latest in Professor John A. […]