HD VR Headset, VR Glasses can be Used to Play Games and Watch 3D Movies. 3D Goggles Support Most Smartphone Screen Sizes…

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Amazon.com.au Price: $79.99 (as of 29/07/2021 09:46 PST- Details)

★★We only make delicate product!★★Multifunctional VR headset for iPhone/Android phone, 3D glasses can turn mobile phones into cinemas/3D game halls. The product does not need to be recharged, the mobile phone can be put in VR glasses, and then you can watch it. With Bluetooth remote controller, the effect is better.
★★2019 vr glasses★★Simple appearance design, more beautiful. Lightweight, comfortable to wear, just for better customer experience HD VR goggles, aspherical lenses, using a new generation of nano-lenses, ensure the transmittance of the lens, effectively isolate the wavelength radiation, and avoid eye damage.
Use explanation:1. Download 3D video on mobile phone (left and right format) 2. Download VR app (Recommended:Youtube/Veer/Fulldrive)3. You can search the VR application for the video you want to watch for playback. Or you can use the VR app to play your downloaded videos.4.put cell phone into the VR glasses, wear VR glasses, adjust the headband to the comfortable size. VR glasses top button adjusts the pupil distance for optimal 3D viewing

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