Is Wearable Technology Safe?

Is Wearable Technology Safe?

Is Wearable Technology Safe?

“Is wearable technology safe?” This is a very common question and it is still up for debate. The answer is complicated since it depends on how you look at it. You could look at electronics and wearable technology from two different perspectives – as something that may be dangerous and something that may be unsafe.

Many in the scientific and medical communities would argue that electronics are not dangerous but the concern lies with what happens when you put electronics like cell phones, watches, cameras, and other electronics into your body. If you place them there for long enough, the body can absorb energy. There is even some controversy over what happens to the tiny integrated circuits that are packed into so many electronic wearables. It is a very complex area.

Another worry is what will happen if you are allergic to electronics. These types of problems are caused by nickel and copper, which are present in so many electronic and clothing wearables. Is wearable technology safe then? That is the question that is on everyone’s mind. Let’s look at both sides of the argument.

A lot of people believe that is wearable technology safe if what you put on is only textiles or synthetic fabrics that have been approved by the FDA. You could say that these electronic devices are so small they do not create any airborne particles and this is true. But does that mean that they are completely safe? There is still a chance that the person could be allergic to the electronics and that could create issues.

The concern about is electronics is also valid in regards to what you put on your skin. If you are putting electronics like cell phones or electronic monitors on your wrists, you are certainly putting them in a potentially hazardous situation. Just consider the mechanics of the situation.

Cell phones are lightweight and can easily come off and get stuck in your pocket. Electronic monitors are very similar and can slip right out of your hands, if it is the case that they slip out of your hands they can be easily damaged.

What does this all boil down to? Are wearable electronics safe to wear? The short answer is no and yes. If you plan on using them, make sure you thoroughly understand the mechanics of what you are putting on your body and how they will affect you.

The long answer is much more complex and will take a bit more research. Are wearable electronics safe to wear? The answer is yes but you have to understand that some people will be more affected by the effects than others. Is wearable technology safe to use if you do not plan on wearing the electronics or clothing yourself? The answer is no and yes.

Weighing the benefits vs the risks makes wearable technology a bit safer than the average electronic gadget. However, you still need to read the fine print before you jump into anything. Just as with anything, there is always a risk when using electronics and other technology that is not specifically designed for safety.

Wearables are great in that aspect, as many companies will design them for specific people to help them deal with daily life. However, do not assume that just because it is specifically designed for someone, it is safe to use. Before you commit to anything, find out everything you can about the electronics and wearables that you will be using.

When people ask if wearable technology safe to use, the real question to ask is “are you willing to put your health at risk to be able to use this technology?” This is why it is important to understand what you are putting into your body. The answer is no.

There is no technology in existence that can be equated to a pill that you could pop twenty times a day to get your body to produce more insulin to drop your blood sugar levels. If that was the case, would you want to do it? Of course not, so why would you want to put something in your body that has the potential to kill you overnight?

The best way to ensure that electronics are truly wearable is to do your research. There are companies such as Littmann and Smoooth that have studied and tested the effect of wearable electronics on patients. What they have found is that the shock levels are low when it comes to people wearing electronics such as pacemakers and other electronic gadgets. However, there are still risks involved with any type of electronic product. As with anything else, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

When you wear electronics, you have to make sure that you are educated about the devices that you use. You also need to make sure that you use them responsibly and never misuse them. There are many questions regarding is wearable technology safe, but the bottom line is that if you are not going to be putting your health at risk, then you don’t need it. The money would be better spent on an apple than a hip ring!

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