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HTC Vive Focus (Almond White)

Compelling Experience Painting your dreams into reality – an immersive and interactive world built by inside-out 6DOF tracking we call “world-scale”, and high-resolution 3K AMOLED screen, rendering smooth close-ups, long shots, and intuitive spinning and jumping.
Unsurpassed Convenience Save the hassle of connecting to your phone or computer, simply put on VIVE Focus and enter the world where you are free to wander.
Design for Comfort Entering the world of VR is as easy as putting on the ergonomically designed headset with built-in water-repellent padding and instant-on.

Lens Cleaning Pen for Oculus Quest 2/Quest/Rift S/HTC Vive/Cosmos/Valve Index /PS4 VR Headset, Drone, Microsoft HoloLens…

Designed specifically for cleaning the lenses of Oculus Quest, Virtual Reality Headset, PS4 VR, Microsoft HoloLens, Cameras, Drone, and other optical lenses.
Double-ended design, quick and convenient to use. The suede carbon powder is made of activated carbon powder without dispersing or drying, Comes with the filament brush, effectively eliminates fingerprints, smudges, dust and dirt on lens and screen.
Using Direction: 1st,remove the coarse dirt and dust particles away with the brush. Then take off the cap and keep the carbon side vertically stand on the lens. Then, gently wipe around the lens from the center in the clockwise/anti-clockwise direction. “

VR Headset Stand and Controller Holder for Oculus Quest 2/Rift S/HTC Vive/Vive Pro/Elite/Valve Index/HP Reverb G2…

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with most standard size VR; includes Oculus Quest/Quest 2/Oculus Go/Rift/Rift S/HTC Vive/Valve Index/HP Reverb G2/Google Daydream/Samsung Gear; A great VR holder for your VR and controllers
Fits Oculus Quest/HTC Vive/Valve Index Controllers; Comes with 2 different pairs of controller holders; If your controller is Oculus series/Valve index, hanging; if your controller is a HTC Vive, just plug in it
Specially Design: Professional design All-in-one VR letter shape stand specially for organize your VR headset and touch controllers.With unique non-slip design and a strong textured base, safe and stable to place your VR and controllers. Put your VR on this holder to make your desktop neat and look spectacular.

VR Headset Wall Mount Storage Stand Hook for Oculus Quest 2,Quest,Rift-S, HP Reverb G2, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Cosmos…

√Pls Note: Mount Storage Stand Hook Only, The Oculus Quest VR headset and Oculus Touch Cnotroller NOT INCLUDE!
√Compatible with HTC ViveVive ProVive Cosmos, Oculus Rift, Rift-S, Quest, Quest 2, Valve Index, HP Reverb G2,Samsung Odyssey,Playstation 4 VR PSVR, Valve Index and Mixed Reality Headsets and Controllers
√Save space for your VR headset and touch controller,Keep your VR headset organized and ready to use at any time.

Upgraded VR Stand for Oculus Quest 2, Also Compatible for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Valve Index, HTC…

VR Stand is specially designed for displaying and storing your VR headset and touch controllers, the base of the stand is more stable, makes sure that the VR headset will be more stable
Puts your headset and VR accessories on this display stand to keep them organized and ready for play
It is compatible with two different controller holders so you can choose to hang or plug in your controller according to the shape of your controller

AMVR 100 pcs Disposable VR Face Mask Hygienic Breathable Nonwoven Cover Pad for HTC Vive or Pro/PS VR/Gear VR/Oculus…

✓ Supported VR devices – Gear VR, VR BOX, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go,PlayStation VR, HTC Vive or Pro, HoloLens, Microsoft MR Headset, end other VR Headsets.
✓ Suitable for human engineering design – It is a nonwoven fabric eye mask for viewing VR.It protects the part where the skin directly contacts VR equipment from sweat, sebum, cosmetics, dirt.
✓ No Need to Worry about Sharing – Convenient disposable type, a skin-friendly nonwoven sheet, The durable non-woven fabrics of the mask is soft and breathable.Personal hygiene are protected. No need to worry about sharing the VR headset with others.

Oriolus Face Cushion Foam Padding for HTC Vive VR Headset 2 Pack (8 mm)

【EASY TO INSTALL AND CHANGE OUT】it is velcro backed, easy to stick onto the existing velcro.
【INCREASE FOV】This pad replacement brings the vive closer to your face giving you a field of view increase,improving the VR experience.
【SOFT AND COMFORTABLE】Made of sponge and PU leather with air vent holes on the surface to relieve pressure for your skin. Comfort of wearing it while wearing glasses, suitable for long time use.

HTC Vive VR Face Cover, JARMOR Replacement Eye Mask Pad with Memory Foam & PU Leather [Better FOV] [2 PACK, 6MM & 18MM…

COMPATIBLE: Specially designed for HTC Vive VR headset system, 2 pack, 6mm & 18mm.
COMFORTABLE&DURABLE: Made of durable PU leather, and breathable holes on the surface relieve pressure for your face skin. Soft memory foam hugs your face and feels great.
2 PACK: Thinner cover (6mm) increases your field of view (FOV) by bringing your eyes closer to the lenses, and thicker cover (18mm) feels more comfortable when you use it.

HTC VIVE Foam Replacement Lunies Face Cushion for HTC VIVE Headset PU Leather 10mm Black Pack of 2 ­

SOFT & COMFOR:Soft PU leather face foam replacement fits around your face like a soft snorkeling mask.Feels comfortable on the face and protect your skin from scratch
SANITARY & EASY TO CLEAN:The foam cover does not absorb any sweat and easy to wipe the sweat.No longer embarrassed to share HTC Vive headset with friends
EASY TO INSTALL: The velcro on the back of foam attaches to the existing velcro tape that is secured to the headset.Please grab the velcro underneath the foam and not on top on the pu leather when taking it off.Otherwise it is easy to peel off

FoRapid HTC Vive Memory Foam Face Foam Replacement 6mm (Better FOV)- Eye Mask Compatible with HTC Vive Headset VR Cover…

Soft and durable PU leather foam replacement for HTC VIVE headset. Breathable, feels great on your face.
Better FOV – Thinner foam replacement (6mm) increases your field of view (FOV) by bringing your eyes closer to the lenses while still maintains comfort. Makes virtual reality experiences more immersive with a bigger FOV.
Proven VR hygiene solution – Easy to clean with anti-bacterial wipes between uses and you are good to go. Prevent the buildup of bacteria and dirt with these easy to clean pads.

Delamu VR Stand, Compatible with Oculus Quest 2 Stand, VR Headset Stand for Oculus Quest/Quest 2/Rift S/HTC Vive/Valve…

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with most standard-sized VR headset, including Oculus Series(Oculus Go/Rift/Quest), HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear. A great VR stand for VR headset and controllers.
Fits Two Types of Controllers: Delamu VR headset holder comes with 2 pairs of different controller holders, you can choose to hang or plug in your controller according to the shape of your controller.
Neat and Stable: Physical design with a textured base, stable enough, custom design to place your VR headset strap, head-mounted display (HMD) and controllers, give your decent VR headset a secure, stylish home.

Esimen VR Stand for Oculus Quest 2/Quest/Rift S/HTC Vive Pro/Valve Index VR Headset Letter Modeling Display Holder and…

Specially designed for Displaying and Storing Oculus Rift S VR Headset and Oculus Quest All-In-One;
Simple Installation: Very easy to assemble or detachable,Detachable design to be stored away and re-assemble easily.
Stable and Neat: The Virtual Reality Headset Holder is made of high quality sturdy ABS, keeps VR headsets organized firmly and ready to play,Put your VR Headset and Wireless Controller in VR Stand to make your desktop neat and spectacular.

VeeR VR Cable Management – Virtual Reality Wire Ceiling Pulley System for Oculus Rift S/Lenovo/Playstation VR/HTC Vive…

No more worries about you tripping or wrapping over the cord. You can bend, stand straight up and move quicker than you think, The pulleys provide a reasonable amount of pressure keeping the cord out of your way.
It’s easy and quick to set up. Strong adhesive hooks can hold the weight of the cable system. Follow our video guide or user manual for the detailed setup process, is easier than assembly your VR headset
Extended retractable wire up to 60 inches long and can rebound automatically, you can play all kinds of intense VR games without slipping over the cable. Custom design rubber band instead of the buckle to protect your headset cable from scratch

[Pro Version] KIWI design VR Cable Management, 6 Packs Retractable Ceiling Pulley System for HTC Vive/HTC Vive Pro…

Quieter VR Experience – The whole VR Cable Management System adopts silicone, ABS and rubber materials and noise dampener technology to maximize silence and minimize cable tug during use, make you easier to get fully immersed without noise around and tripping over cables.
Simpler Yet Smarter Design – We simplify this system from noise-free integrated design of the top soft loop and pulley body to 360° rotations function integrated inside the HMD cable holder, make it is easy to assemble and disassemble and adapts to different types of cable to fix them without slipping over the cable.
Two Ways To Install – Easy to setup, you can choose adhesive hooks or screw hooks, depends on whether you want it to permanent or not and what kind of ceiling you have. The tension of the retractable wire is moderate and can extend up to 71 inches long then rebound automatically, gives you a more comfortable VR experience.