AMVR 100pcs VR Face Cover Pad Disposable Non-Woven Fabric Mask Sponge Mat with Magic Sticks for Oculus Quest & Oculus Go

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✓ Keep your Oculus Quest & Go clean and sweat-proof : Paste the disposable face cover pad to the oculus quest & go headset by using velcro sticks.And the velcro sticks can be used multiple times
✓ Advanced Sanitary Material: Face cover pad use medical non-woven fabrics as raw materials. Effectively prevent sweat, oils get through into the foam, avoid breeding of bacteria,stink.Thus provide better protection for your Oculus Quest or Go
✓ NO ANNOYING CLEANING:Compared to the original foam, one of its advantage is that you can always replace, rather than wipe them with alcohol cotton after each used.In fact,it is more cleaner than use alcohol and more hygienic