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2019 GPS Tracker watch: This is a true GPS children’s smart watch, which is more accurate than LBS mode positioning. The error will be less than 240 feet / 80 meters, parents can view the child’s location through the mobile app, and can set an activity safety fence, the APP will issue an alarm when the child’s activity leaves the range. You can also view the history of one month. With built-in camera, parents can watch photos remotely. Voice chat, pedometer, clock, etc.
One-touch SOS key call: Parents set 3 number emergency contact numbers in the app. In an emergency, when your child presses the button for 3 seconds, it will dial 3 SOS phone numbers twice in succession until the call is answered. At the same time, the alert notification will be launched to the APP. This is very helpful for an emergency. In addition, you save 10 frequently used contacts for your watch in the app for your child’s use.
Two-way communication: Children can make and receive calls through the watch, and can also send voice messages to the parent mobile phone app. Parents can also send voice/text messages to their children via the app. When your child is not around, it is the most convenient tool for connecting the two parties.

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