LAD WEATHER 3D Pedometer Watch Activitiy Tracker Calories Counter Running Fitness Sports

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*TIPS * ■Power save mode When the watch seems to give no response, or keep turned off, it is set to power save mode. Please hold down upper left button and lower right button at the same time. ■Dual time mode(T2 mode) When you cannot set other than hours and minutes, it is set to dual time mode(T2). Please check whether ‘T2’ is shown in the upper left of the display. If yes, hold down lower right button to shut down the dual time mode.
【Functions】 ■Time Mode Display current time and calendar (Month, Date, Week, Hour, Minute, Second) (Month/Date or Day/Date can be selected.) ■Pedometer Mode 3D Accelerometer Sensor Measure/display steps, exercise time, calories, distance, speed and goal achievement rate. Walk/Run mode Switching User data record (Age /Weight / Walk stride/ Run stride/ / Goal Steps) kg/lb *With more accurate stride length, measure distance will be more accurate.

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