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No Dizzy & Anti-reflection & Radiation Protection & Anti Blue Ray – Environmental protection transparent lens by detailed works brings the 720P & 1080P & 2K display, with 19 pixel per degree in rehabilitation details, pupil distance adjustable, VR Shinecon 2.0 Makes you feel like sitting in Image Maximum cinema
Refraction Adjustable Pupil Distance Adjustable – Refraction adjustment range from -500 degree to +200 degree, pupil distance adjustment from 56mm to 70mm, getting out of the nearsighted glasses, enjoy your own immersing movie
360 Degree Panoramic Roaming & 120 Degree Field of View – Flying cross the Galatics, running with Africa antelopes, shaking hands with penguins in Antarctic, just do it at anywhere anytime. Tested thousands of times, 120 degree field of view in the VR Shinecon 2.0 avoids low pixel, which takes you into the picture, brings you a wonderful view experience