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Motion Tracking Kit for Mobile VR: NOLO CV1 is the first one that brings immersive VR experience to Mobile VR platform. Users could freely move around and interact in the virtual world with their smartphones. Mobile phone is no longer just a cell phone, but enriched as a whole virtual world and VR game
Easy to Use, Full Immersion Virtual Reality: get ready for Steam VR in seconds, creating a bridge between the immersive experience of PC VR and the convenience of mobile VR, allows you to use your mobile phones to create a fully immersive Virtual Reality game experience
Wide Range of VR Game Compatibility: virtual world in your pocket, NOLO CV1 supports nearly 2000 Steam VR games (PC and streaming software required).and Oculus platform, such as Beat Saber, Super Hot, Job Simulator, Audio Shield, Space Pirate Trainer, Serious Sam VR etc .NOLO CV1 also supports applications from NOLO Home Beta – first 6-DoF Mobile VR application platform