Skywin VR Tracker Belt, Hand Strap, and Protective Silicon Skins for HTC Vive System Tracker Pucks – Adjustable Belt…

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HTC VIVE Tracker Belt, Hand Straps, and Protective Silicone Skins for the HTC VIVE Tracker. The belt and straps are easily attached to your waist, hands, feet, or other objects, and the HTC VIVE Tracker. (HTC VIVE Tracker Purchased Separately)
Perfect for full body tracking. Just put on and tighten to fit. Protect your HTC Vive and Accessories from Scratches, Fall, and Ding Damage
Best for rugged game-players. The high-quality HTC VIVE belt and straps have been specifically designed for players who enjoy long sessions of VR games and are resistant to wear and tear.

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